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The world changes and so does the way in which languages are learnt. At Home we would like you to experience languages in a different way: by living them, feeling them, savouring them.
Learning languages in the world today has acquired a different dimension. Instead of aiming at becoming quasi-native speakers of a language in the long run, now we choose to become mediators between cultures from the first day of our learning process. In this way, our original culture is revalued and languages become vehicles in order to express meanings which are no longer neutral –they are inherent in us. The classroom becomes a third or fourth space, a space where we, you and they meet into an US through the time we share.
Learning at Home takes you into different spaces and dimensions, the ones of different cultures interacting, countries, regions, the social groups we belong to, people of different nationalities, ethnic groups, religions, and their music, food, traditions, dances, sports, rituals, in a word, what we are made of.
At Home we invite you to live languages in many ways. In the classroom (face2face or virtual), through immersion events, in the street, in the pub, sightseeing in the city, generating knowledge together.

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